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SCRIPTURE FROM MY THERAPIST: Her stress sources from her demanding to be notices by others as an important individual, needs attention and recognition. Her current situation is leaving her dissatisfied. She feels she needs to make friends with those who hold the same high standards as she does. She wants to stand out as someone at the top of her class and be admired by others. She needs to feel in control, which makes it difficult to give herself to another person. She feels isolated and alone, but refuses to appear weak and continues to be emotionally distant from others in order to keep her attitude of superiority. Certain characteristics are restraining her from being happy. Also, current events are leaving her feeling forced into compromise in order to avoid being cut off from affection or future cooperation. Current situations are also making her feel unable to prove herself, but she tries to make the best of things. She seeks to broaden her horizon, and believes her hopes and dreams are realistic. She worries that she may not be able to do the things she want and needs until she escapes to a peaceful, quiet environment in order to restore her confidence. When taking about her goals, she often makes statements about "time running out". I've made the assumption that she is referring to her years in High School. The idea that she doesn't think about life after High School worries me nonetheless. I believe her problems roots from the fears that others will try to hold her back from achieving her goals. She puts on her idea of charm and can be munipulative towards others, hoping she can get them to do as she wishes to make it easier for her to reach her own goals. Another thing that worries me is that she is easily impressed by unigue or "one-of-a-kind" things, and people with exceptional personalities. She attempts to take the characteristics she likes in other people and applies them to herself in order to come across as a unique individual to new people she meets.
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Hello! i'm Jazlyn! I live in California. Single. Singer/Dancer. I post things that make me laugh and things that are beautiful, sometimes photo's of myself or writings. The following passage behind this slide is the first writing/email to my mother from my therapist. I just thought it would be interesting to share. Unfortunately for me, i'd like to think, is that since therapy a year ago, i've been diagnosed with MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder) ♡ ♡ Sometimes i make suicidal remarks/jokes/confessions and in advance i apologize. The "unfollow" button is right there or feel free to tell me if something i said/tagged offends you ♡ ♡


do not sexualize young girls.
yes, I am kink shaming you. 
because you should be ashamed of yourself
for sexualizing young girls, and
no one’s sexual liberation is more important
than protecting young girls.

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even if you don’t live in canada, you could have canadian followers, don’t you dare scroll past this.

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no offense but how can u not like me

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Stop Asking Actors About Fanfiction 2k14

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Draw a monster. Why is it a monster?
Daughter by Janice Lee

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Little Pop is shopping in the garden today in honor of National Eat Your Vegetables Day. 🐷🌽🐷🍆


Yes mr piggly wiggly sir


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Why don’t dogs get to see the world too?

This dog is literally smiling.

Oh my god

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My friend has an amazing room

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this gorgeous piece of rainbow fluorite is just sooo lovely and amazing look at the layers god you could study this for hours. I want a slab of this soooooo bad I’d be so happy and centered. please fall into my hands one day. I’ll need both of them to hold it (:

love fluorite

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